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Academic Research and Web Development Workshop (ARWDW 2019) - Singapore

About the Event

  • This event offers to the participants a workshop, personal website and a virtual course to know how to maintain their own personal website for the professional use.
  • The event aims to discuss and demonstrate the 2019 Web Trends & Technologies for professionals to enhance their technical & professional skills in an effective way.
  • Know the Digital Tools which will support you on the web for your research and academic practices.
  • A professional website management short course will be offered FREE along with the workshop.
  • Gain a hands-on experience on the website ownership and its maintenance for the personal and professional use. A personal website template is also FREE.

All participants will get a FREE Website (Template), CLICK HERE for the SAMPLE

No Technical Skills are needed to follow our materials and contents. Our specialized team will design the contents to statisfy the participants in all subjects and area of study

How to Attend? Direct Participation in Singapore or through Virtual Participation from your location

WHO: We offer a Workshop and Short Course, which is suitable for;

  • Faculties in all discipline (Science, Arts, Engineering, Computing, IT, Education, Business, Medicine etc)
  • Students, PhD Scholars, Start-ups, Professionals, Freelancers, Corporates, Administrative staffs


Location: Shaw Foundation Alumni House, NUS

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Event Highlights

  • Workshop, Hands-on Experiments & Deployment
  • Learn Web Trends & Research Tools
  • Embed Your Research & Publications in your site
  • Direct or Virtual Participation
  • Visit Singapore & Thailand via CTC Package

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  • Day 6: Departure from Bangkok
We offer the programme in three modules, which combine a Workshop and a Virtual Course

Programme Structure & Modules

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20 December 2019 | 09:00 - 13:00

Module 1: Workshop

Overview & Experiments
Exit with Certificate of Workshop Participation

09.00 – 09.30:       Registration, Opening & Video Presentation

Virtual Keynote
by Professor Ezendu Ariwa, University of Wales Trinity Saint David London Campus, UK

09.30 – 10.30:       Session 1

1.1 2019 Web Trends & Technologies
1.2 Digital Tools for Researchers

Discussion Area: “2019 Web Tools for Innovations & Research”
Speaker: Sunitha Cheriyan, Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Oman

10.30 – 11.00:      Coffee Break

11.00 – 12.30:       Session 2

2.1 Overview of Personal Website Ownership and its Maintenance
2.2 Responsive Web Design - Hosting Demo & Hands-on tasks

Discussion Area: “Advantage of using own website template over free templates on the internet”
Speaker: Dr. Saju Mohanan, Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Oman

12.30 – 12.40:       Conclusion with a summary
12.40 – 12.50:       Closing

Upon completion of the WORKSHOP module, participants will be able to

  • Understand the 2019 WEB trends, digital tools and major challenges in the research and innovation.
  • Understand the website design and maintenance for the career and personal use

Module 1: Workshop
Certificate of Participation

Upon participation (Direct or Virtual) of the WORKSHOP module, participants will be able to get a Certificate of Participation

Period: 24 Aug 2019 – 30 Sep 2019

Module 2:
Course on Personal Website Maintenance

Hands-on Practical Phase
Exit with Certificate of Training

Based on your background and field of study, we will prepare separate materials and course contents for IT and Non-IT professionals. Our technical team will evaluate the tasks and activities in this course module. Upon completion of the COURSE Module 2, participants will be able to

  • Learn how to maintain a personal website for professional use and career.
  • Learn how to integrate your research, projects, services or businesses into your own website.
  • Learn how to integrate and use social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) in your website.
  • Learn how to make money through your own website.

Module 2: Course Hands-on Training
Certificate of Training

Upon completion of the virtual training modules, participants will be able to get a Certificate of Training

Period: 01 Oct 2019 – 15 Oct 2019

Module 3:
Course on Personal Website Maintenance

Implementation Phase
Exit with Certificate of Course Completion and Implementation

In this last course module, you will experience how to host your finally designed website to make it available online for your professional use. You will get a step-by-step manual, which explains how to host your site in a server. Upon completion of the COURSE Module 3, participants will be able to

  • Study independent web hosting and maintenance without depends a third party framework.

Module 3: Course Implementation
Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the virtual implementation module, participants will be able to get a Certificate of Successful Completion of the course

Normal Registration Period from 13 Nov 2019

Important Dates

Early Reg. Fee

140 USD

  • till 12 November 2019
  • ** CLOSED

Normal Reg. Fee

190 USD

  • 13 Nov 2019 - 06 Dec 2019
  • ** OPEN

Late Reg. Fee

225 USD

  • 07 Dec 2019 onwards

Date of Event


  • 20 December 2019

Normal Registration Fees Applicable

Workshop Normal Registration

Workshop Registration

190 US Dollar
Participant's Benefits

  • Participation in Workshop with Certificate
  • Eligible for a Short Course in Personal Website Maintenance
  • Get a Free Personal Website Template for Career and Research See Sample Here
  • Registration Kit, Workshop Kit & Snacks
  • Workshop Free Membership on ARWD Forum Learn More
  • 10% discount on the registration fees of ICMiiC ’20 (International Computing, Machine Intelligence and Informatics Conference) to be held in London, UK and Singapore during the mid of August 2020.
  • Optional: Attend workshop programme through Conference Tour Companion (CTC) Package Learn More
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Registration and Online Payment will take only 2 minutes

Alternative Payment Option: Offline Payment (Bank Transfer).

In case if you are not able to pay online, here is the option for you to remit the registration fees via Bank Transfer. Follow the steps for registration and offline payment

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  3. Send payment via Bank Transfer to below A/C
  4. Account Name: ARWEBDEV LABS
    Account Number: 7475002100000747
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    Swift Code: PUNBINBBMFE
    MICR No: 695024008
    Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
    Bank Branch: Trivandrum - Vizhinjam
    Bank Country: India
    Amount & Currency: 190 USD

  5. Send the scanned copy of the payment receipt (transaction slip) to, so that we can confirm your payment and registration through email

Workshop Location


We host at Singapore; the global hub of education, innovation & technology

Shaw Foundation Alumni House

Basil, Level 2, National University of Singapore
11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244

Workshop Facilitators

Here is our dedicated team to host the workshop in National University of Singapore

Ezendu Ariwa

University of Wales Trinity Saint David London Campus, UK

Dr. Saju

Faculty, Dept. of IT, Higher College of Technology, Muscat

Ms. Sunitha

Faculty, Department of IT, Higher College of Technology, Muscat

Dr. Anil

Faculty in Government Womens Polytechnic College, Kerala

Ms. Maksimova

ARWebDev Labs, London, UK

Dr Arul

HOD, IT Dept., Oman College of Management & Technology, Oman

Dr. John T

Asst. Professor, Bharata Mata College, India

Dr. Prakash

Director, Global Research Conference Forum

Mr Sundara

SBMMS, Trichy India

Mr Rajesh

Shinas College of Technology, Oman

Ms. Salini

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, IHRD, CAS

Mr. Ramesh

Faculty in CS, Mass College of Arts & Science, TN, India

Ms. Surekha

Faculty in Computer Science Department, IHRD, India

Dr. Vikram

Research Scholar in Manipal University, Jaipur, India
in case if you have queries

Contact Us

You can contact our workshop technical people for all questions

Workshop Chair

Dr. Anil K.R
Faculty in Department of Computer Engineering
Government Polytechni College, Kerala, India

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