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ARWD Research Forum

Academic Research & Web Development Forum

The aim of the Academic Research and Web Development (ARWD) research forum is to learn and update new trends and technologies. This forum will also help the faculty/ student scholars for networking and gain knowledge from the international academic community. Membership is FREE in this forum.

Advantages to Join the Forum as a Research Member

  • It’s a great place to network, collaborate and exchange ideas

  • Eligible to participate or work in the ARWebDev Lab’s conference technical programme, publication or publicity committee

  • Get the Certificate of Appreciation for your committee works or volunteer works

  • Members can form a Research Group for research paper writing, participate and publish the research work via ARWebDev Lab as the focal point.

  • 10% flat discount on the registration fee for any events organized by ARWebDev Labs

  • 15% discounts on the conference tour fees, which is applicable in Singapore, Thailand, London UK, Kenya and Dubai.

  • Priority to exhibit your research, project work or academic work during the annual workshop session.

  • Volunteer the conference programme activities like session technical chair or registration.

  • Get the priority for the Keynote Invitation or Invited Talk.

  • Eligible to organize workshop or training sessions for the annual events sponsored by ARWebDev Labs

Membership Period

Membership is Free and valid for 5 years from the date of join. The members need to renew the membership every five years.

How to Join the Forum?

The membership is open to academician, faculty, professional staffs, student scholar, engineers and industrial experts who are associated with academic community.

Steps to Register

  1. Fill the Membership Form
  2. Send Your Professional CV to the Email technical@arwebdevlabs.org

The ARWebDev Lab’s professional team will evaluate the registration details and CV. We will normally take 2 working days to officially acknowledge your membership.