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About us

About ARWebDev Labs

ARWebDev Labs (Academic Research and Web Development Labs) is an organization which is established to encourage quality academic research and facilitate research opportunities for the academic community. Along with research initiatives, we support academic community to cater Web as a medium for disseminating the academic tasks and research.

Our eminent academic community/ stakeholders include Professors, Faculties/ Lecturers, Student Scholars, Academic-related Professionals, Researchers, Educators, Scientists, Web Developers, Engineers and the Industrial Experts who associated with various academies and higher educational institutions.

The ARWebDev Labs has formed a dedicated forum ‘Academic Research and Web Development Forum’, for the international peer support in research activities and for the networking opportunities in research and web maintenance. The aim of the forum is to work jointly, share new knowledge/ ideas and contribute technically for the sustainable growth of societies, institutions, industries and people, thereby enhance the socio-economic growth of the knowledgeable society.

The Mission of ARWebDev Labs’ are;

Organize international conferences in the innovative computing, science, engineering, e-learning and e-business fields for the sustainable socio-economic and technological development.

Organize national and international workshops, corporate training and faculty development programmes in the technically relevant advanced title.

Deliver hands-on professional virtual course on ‘Personal Website Development and Maintenance’.

Ensure the Personal Website for the personal and professional (career/ research etc.) use of the academic faculties in order to ensure the online presence of the individual faculty.

Web technology oriented academic project supports for the various higher educational institutions and academic community.

Maintain the ‘Academic Research and Web Development Forum’ for the quality research, collaboration and networking opportunities.

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